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Serkos and the 4 Stars Restaurant
Glyfada Athens - Middle Eastern & Armenian Cuisine

Located just outside of the popular and cosmopolitan area of Glyfada in Athens, on a peaceful street, near the Xenofontos square is the delightful restaurant "Serkos and the 4 Stars". It is here that we welcome you to sample the mystical Armenian tastes which leading you to a taste journey to East.

With eighteen years of experience within the field of Middle Eastern cuisine, you can be confident that "Serkos and the 4 Stars" will deliver you a meal worthy of a king.

It is our special attention to detail and the ingredients that we use for our appetisers and main courses, why visitors to our restaurant return time after time.

Serkos Restaurant - Athens Greece

In order to preserve the authentic taste of our cuisine, we are making sure that all the meals are prepared in the right way. All of our meats are fresh and everything is produced in-house.

You start your tasty meal with a big variety of hot appetisers such as Kesarias Pita ( filo paste pie with cured meat, cheddar and fresh tomato ), Armenian Kokoretsi, a tasty dish on the spit, lahmatzoun, Koupes ( itsli kiofte ).

We also have a great choice of cold apetisers such as houmous, taboule salad, Armenian style stuffed vine leaves or dolmadakia as they are also known, melitzanosalata ( egg plant pured salad ) and many more tasty dishes.

All the appetisers have as their base, fresh vegetables and the tastes mixin a delightful and unique way. When you are seated, the waiter comes along with a large tray full of the appetisers, where you can pick from the excellent variety that satisfies the eye and the taste buds.

In our simply decorated, yet elegant decor, we believe that our visitors will find our surroundings relaxing, and a place where they can enjoy their meal.

Restaurants Glyfada Athens Serkos Restaurant Armenian Middle Eastern Athens
Based loosely on the customs of the Middle East, it is a place where our visitors will experience cuisine, service and decor from this magical region.

Serkos Restaurant - Athens Greece

At "Serkos and the 4 Stars" we have a selection of specialities that are unique to our restaurant. The taste variety of our cuisine is a fact. Here you will sample Armenian dishes and suculent meat in different ways of cooking and taste.

You will love the tasty Kabap ( Kebab ), sheish, doner, yogurtlu ( Kebab with yogurt ) or with cheddar cheese that is also known as kaseri cheese.

The kebabs are served along with pligouri ( crushed wheat ) and salad. The doner is gyro beef meat, as beef is the main meat that we uses for our meat dishes.

Don't miss to taste the Armenian spelite that is extremely popular here, as well as the egg plant puree with tender beef and cheddar cheese, cooked slowly in a clay pot.

You will served also the "Lavas" bread, a very light and thin bread which when exposed to heat, inflates into a massive ball. To wash down all these tastes try the ayrani, a yogurt drink that is both very refreshing and tasty.

Surrounded by trees, our front patio is the perfect place during the summer months to enjoy your time here at "Serkos", where we hope you will come to appreciate the tastes and characteristics of Middle Eastern cuisine. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant very soon, for a meal and experience you will never forget.

Tel: 210 9649 553